Weird Science

Somehow I got the idea of making a page about strange experiments, so here it is:

Food Science

Fun with Grapes - A case study - So much fun, in such a small fruit.
The T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project - Or Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes, these guys are on the cutting edge of food science.
The Rapid Oxidation Test is a masterpiece of experiment design.
Bunny Survival Tests - I never liked marshmallows anyway. Judicious use of Control Bunnies used at all times as well.
The Bunnies Strike Back - Introducing the Observer Bunny.

Edible Aerospace Engineering and Fun With Things That Go BOOM!

Things that go Boom - Including the Melon Cannon, and the Tomato Gun.
Fresnel Lens - Or random destructive acts using focused solar radiation
Glubco - Gauss Gun anyone.
The Infamous Exploding Whale - Ever wondered what the blast radius of an exploding whale is?

Please note:Carrying out any of the experiments contained on the linked pages could result in serious injury, or possible embarrassment.

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