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Shadowrun webring
Shadowrun is a cyberpunky roleplaying game set in the mid 21st century. Some of the cool things in the Shadowrun world include magic, dragons, the matrix, and vehicles.
Some various Shadowrun resources and cool sites are listed below.
If you are interested in discussing the nuances of Shadowrun, or you feel lonely because you don't get much email, you can try out The ShadowRN list, they discuss everything to do with Shadowrun, and if you've got a question, they are the people to ask.
I've started creating some Shadowrun resources. One I've just started is Travel in 2060, I'd appreciate any comments on it.


This section includes the things I think no self respecting GM with plenty of time to download stuff from the internet should miss.
Music in 2060 - A description of some of the biggest bands and sounds in 2060. This is by me, and still under development.
The LB-109 Buzzard AWACS UAV - A military drone. Created using James Ojastes' 'The Shop' vehicle creation utility.
The Rapier Drone Control Centre - Another vehicle created using The Shop.
The Manchester Microlights MR2 - An expensive microlight.
The Shadowrun Supplemental - The best source of general stuff since Shadowland (the magazine) went bust. Plus my 'Music in 2060' article is in issue 11.
Character Sheets - Various character sheets I have created or found.

Books to buy

Shadowrun: Fourth Edition The latest edition of the main rules. Haven't actually bought it yet..
Shadowrun: Third Edition The older edition of the main rules. Very easy to read (you open the book and move your eyes along each row in turn).
The Shadowrun 3rd Edition Quickstart Rules - A very simple cut down version of the main Shadowrun rules, ideal for new players or people just trying the game out.
Man & Machine: Cyberware - A guide to all the main cyberware and bioware in SRun. A rather dry book, with a serious lack of pictures. The original cyberware book (Shadowtech) is much better, but sadly no longer in print.
Rigger 2 - The sequel to Rigger 1 (funnily enough), this updates the vehicle rules to 2nd Edition. Pity third edition came out about two months after this was printed. Nevertheless a very good book, and the new rules mainly carry over to third edition. Again, a serious lack of pictures, especially in the vehicle section.

Sites to visit

Dumpshock - The biggest and kewlest Shadowrun site on the net, if you want Shadowrun gear/spells/vehicles/stories, this is the place to go.
Rigger Pilot Picture Shadowrun and Firearms - Raygun has created an excellent site, hosted on the dumpshock server, with all you need to know about guns, ammo and related stuff.
Avengers Shadowrun Sourcebooks - An excellent site containing three sourcebooks so far (Neo-anarchists guide to the UK, Seas, and Space), excellent graphics and loads of information.
Blaze's Den - Another cool British site, lots of views on Shadowrun and Cyberpunk, great graphics, and quick to load too.
The Hoosier Hacker House is a cool site, with a good range of content. It also has a form for submitting vehicles to the Shadowrun Car Show.
Wordmans map of the sixth world - An interactive map of the sixth world (uses shockwave).
The FASA Corporation - They made the game, they updated the game, they still make the game, but they don't update their web site very often.
FASA Release Schedule - A list of all the upcoming FASA products (including Crimson Skies).
James Ojastes' Shadowrun page - James made the Shadowrun vehicle shop, a rather good little program which designs Shadowrun vehicles without you having to know all the rules.
The Shadowrun Picture Gallery - Some good fan art, some better than others.

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