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Rapier Drone Control Centre

The Rapier Drone Control Centre is the latest in a series of drone control vehicles that the UCAS army have used. The Rapier is a vast improvement over the old Lancer Drone Control Centre, which suffered from a lack of speed, and serious handling problems. The Rapiers electronic facilites include excellent sensors, and a high level autopilot, giving the controlling rigger more time to concentrate on controlling his drones. Full NBC protection, good armour and many signature improvements help protect the vehicle from the various threats of the modern day battlefield. The vehicle is not defenceless either, the medium turret is anti-aircraft capable, and the ring mount give a good platform to mount any sort of weapon. Four bucket seats have been fitted in the rear cargo area, to provide better seating for extra riggers than the standard benches found in an APC. Four drone racks are fitted on sidepods, enabling battlefield servicing from within the protection of the vehicle.

Handling Speed Accel Body Armour Sig
6/3 60 5 7 9 7
Autonav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
3 -- 4 20 605
Seating 1b Setup/Breakdown N/A
Entry 1h+1H+1r Landing/Takeoff N/A
Fuel Diesel ( 920 liters ) Economy 2 km/liter
DP Cost 5403 Cost 2,191,200¥
Template APC, tracked Reference The Shop
Features Amphibious Operation Package (Level 3)
Life Support Systems (Man-hours 20)
EnviroSeal (engine)
EnviroSeal (gas)
EnviroSeal (overpressurization)
EnviroSeal (water)
Thermal Baffles (Level 2)
Radar-Absorbent Materials (RAM) (Level 3)
Datajack port
Rigger Adaptation
Handling Improvement (OffRoad) (Level 2)
Signature Improvement (Level 2)
Roll Bars
Ring Mounts (Quantity 1)
Turrets: Anti-Aircraft (medium)
Smartlink Integration Kits (Level 2)
Bench Seats (Folding) X 2
Bucket Seats X 4
Drone Rack X 4

I notice they don't mention the amphibious operations package installed, and for good reason, there's a flaw somewhere which causes the water jets to give off centre thrust, pushing the Rapier round in circles when in water.
That must be just a problem with your vehicle, Spider, as I've used many Rapier variants in the past few years, and I've found them reliable and very well equipped. Although expensive, any good sized merc company should get one.

The vehicle on this page was created using The Shop vehicle creation program, which was written by and is being maintained by James Ojaste. The latest version can be downloaded from his Shadowrun page.
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