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LB-109 Buzzard AWACS UAV

The Lockheed Boeing LB-109 Buzzard AWACS UAV is a high performance military drone. Designed to fly high above the battlefield, acting as a sensor post and information linking system, with both Battletac IVIS and FDDM. Mil-Spec Power Amplifiers are included as standard, to give the drone a Flux Range of 46 km when flying at altitude.
The high level DASS suite, combined with the vector thrust ability gives the aircraft the capability to evade any airborne threat for enough time to enable appropriate action to be taken. Extra features include ducted air intakes, to lower radar reflection from the turbine blades, and an extra electronics bay, to enable in-field addition of special electronics gear.

Handling Speed Accel Body Armour Sig
5/4 245 10 3 4 5
Autonav Pilot Sensor Cargo Load
-- 4 5 2.5 14
Seating 0 Setup/Breakdown 0
Entry N/A Landing/Takeoff VTOL
Fuel Turbine ( 220 liters ) Economy 0.325 km/liter
DP Cost 8185 Cost 512,000¥
Template Vectored UAV, Large Reference The Shop
Rigger 2
Features Remote Pilot Advanced Programming (Rating 4)
Electronic Ports (Level 1)
Remote-Control Interfaces
Rigger Adaptation
Power Amplifiers (Level 6)
Sensors (Level 4)
Signature Improvement (Level 2)
Standard Armour (Armour 4)
BattleTac IVIS Receiver Module
BattleTac FDDM Receiver Module
ECCM (Level 2)
ECM (Level 4)

I love this drone! All too often you find yourself miles from a decent runway, with an employer who can't (or won't) pay for a 'real' AWACS plane, this drones VTOL ability makes it ideal for deep jungle work, and the sensors are nothing short of incredible. I love this drone!
Yeah, it's a nice aircraft, but very pricy compared to the Wolfhound or the Condor series. I know the sensors are better (by a long way) but it is way out of the reach of most runners. Give me an LDSD 41 with upgraded sensors any day, at least I can pack them in the back of my pickup.

The vehicle on this page was created using The Shop vehicle creation program, which was written by and is being maintained by James Ojaste. The latest version can be downloaded from his Shadowrun page.
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