Personality Tests




Personality Tests

Here are some different tests I've found or been e-mailed. The serious ones seem to be less accurate than the amusing ones. If you find any interesting, cool, or funny tests, please put them in my Guestbook:-

Funny Ones

The Star Wars Quiz - On Underwire.com, god knows how my friend found this one. I'm not bloody Chewbacca!
The Alien 'Test' Test - Quite amusing, are you ready for alien abduction?
Electrical Engineers Purity Test - I've been sucked into the world of Electrical Engineering (apparently).
Niceness test - How nice are you?
Gamers Purity Test - I'm not yet lost to the world of gaming.
Intergalactic Explorer Personality Type Tests - Horribly accurate, it told me I was an engineer, and my Chemist flatmate a "Scientist" (note scare quotes).
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Purity Test
The Love Calculator - Put in your name, and the person you loved and lost (or kept), and find the percentage chance of the relationship lasting. Miss-spelling a name can have a huge difference. Interestingly, the calculator only gave Thomas the tank Engine and Steamboat Wille a 29% chance of staying together. How sad.

Serious Ones

The Love test - A serious one this time.
The Quickest Personality Test Around - It's true, it is. And very accurate, honest. It said I am 'Analytical, Trustworthy, and Self-Assured', so it must be correct :)
The May Korner personality test. - It told me 'You think of sex as wet, dynamic, and purifying'. Hmmmmm.
An Omax personality test - Quite a good little test, with more analysis than most. Plus you could win some chocolate body paint!?!?
The KarmOmeter - Interesting one, apparently I'm Karmically challenged (I'm an Engineer, what can you expect).
The 5 minute IQ test - quite quick, this is a serious one. It's a bit biased towards Americans.
A European IQ test - This ones better, mostly visual logic. I want a British IQ test.


IQ tests, personality tests, and entrepeneurial tests on the WWW - Some of the tests mentioned above, plus a load more.
Test Junkie - Loads of tests of all sorts, not just personality.
Purity Tests - Loads of them.
Tests Tests Tests - Guess.

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