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Player Deaths

Over the years, the players have found many new and interesting ways of killing themselves and each other. Occasionally other monsters have a go too. This page tries to list them all, and break down the deaths into a few useful categories (Proportion of total deaths per player, and proportion of suicides per player). All in the best possible taste!.

The Death list

Like it says, a list of how the characters were killed.
BlutowskiAlexTravellerShot by alien, metal leached from body by alien, encased in liquid nitrogen (Suicide)
Mad screaming PilotTonyTravellerShot by alien, shot by own party (justified mercy killing) (suicide)
MarineDanTravellerPushed out airlock post court martial (travesty of justice)
MechanicElwynTravellerCrushed, asphixiated and all metal leached from body by alien (Suicide?)
Lord FartyTonyDnDPut on necklace of strangulation (suicide)
ZacariahGrahamDnDJumped into a coffin with a vampire in it, whilst being attacked by Giant Skeletons that throw fireballs (Misadventure)
Rip TornMattDnDSlid down a passageway of knobbly rock so smooth that no purchase could be made by a thief with amazing climbing skills and rope tied round him (GM killing)
Red FredricsonMattDnDFireball inferno death
KrakaheadElwynDnDHugged a giant demigod whilst in a frenzy (Suicide)
CerdicAlexDnDImmolated in a fireball trap set off by Jesters character (Manslaughter?)
CerdicAlexDnDKilled in battle?
Tonys SamuraiTonyShadowrunStood in a field firing a handgun at an attack helicopter (Suicide)
KrakaheadElwynDnDChoked by Orbis (throat fisting fun)
SnorgGrahamDnDKilled by the evil Zachariah
LisosPaulDnDKilled by the evil Zachariah
Lord FartyTonyDnDKilled by the Temple of Elemental Evil nasties.
Cleric of HelmAlex DnD:Ravenloft Overcome by an evil smell.
Sneaky illusionist Nick DnD:Ravenloft Told to die by a nasty man
Drunk Fighter man Elwyn DnD:Ravenloft Told to die by a nasty man
Zeus (aka Tarquin) Graham DnD:Ravenloft Squished by a large nasty Skellington
Ranger man Elwyn DnD:Ravenloft Squished by a large nasty Skellington
Ranger man Elwyn DnD:Ravenloft Thumped by a mist terror
Nicks MarineNickTravellerWhilst enjoying a snooze with a facehugger, the psionicist with surgical precision 'psi-blasted' the hugger, which broke his neck.
Mad screaming PilotTonyTravellerShot by Coppas marine with 100 missiles, 1 medium laser, 4 plasma cannon, and 4 light assault guns. By accident.
Luka MalkovitchElwynTravellerAccidentally shot with the ships main guns by the sniper…
CerdicAlexDnDStorm Giant boulder frenzy?
Thief personElwynDnDMashed by a Gargoyle.
FulgrimAlexDnDMortally wounded by the Paladin, then dismembered by the Bushi, when he attacked Orbis whilst shouting 'In the name of Love!'.
YashimoMattDnDSwallowed by a whale
ZacariahGrahamDnDTold to die by a nasty man
JesterDamonDnDLance of Disruption mercy killing (from Dans Alchemist)
FeralAlexDnDDisintegrated by a Beholder
The new Drow MageAlexDnDImmolated by a fire elemental (whilst controlled by Paul)
JesterDamonDnDPetrified by a Beholder
Damons Sorceror DamonDnDDrowned himself in boiling water
Dans Cleric DanDnDBurnt to charcoal in a corridor

Deaths per player

Suicides per player

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