Below is a list of some of my favourite books, and a few others I am planning on buying. I'm associated with Amazon.co.uk, so I've linked to thier site so that you can get the books, online, from them.


Corporate Download - One of the better sourcebooks for Shadowrun, including information on the big ten megacorps, and details about the Corporate Court.
GMs screen - This sourcebook includes all the critters (animals) ever published in any Shadowrun sourcebook, updated for third edition rules.

Science Fiction

Red Mars - Kim Stanley Robinson. The Mars trilogy is an epic collection of books detailing the lives of the first colonists on Mars. Through the series the reader sees how the terraforming effort is taken over by major corporations, then overthrown, then taken over again. The variety of the characters, and detail of the storyline help to keep the series within the bounds of 'believable' science fiction.
Green Mars - Kim Stanley Robinson.
Blue Mars - Kim Stanley Robinson
The Star Fraction - Ken Macleod. My favourite book that Ken Macleod has published so far. The Star Fraction is a story set in the near future, in a Britain that is controlled by the US/UN. The principle hero is Moh Kohn, a security mercenary whose father was killed by the US when they invaded. The story is about an attempt by Britsh freedom fighters trying to regain control of the country, and Moh Kohns accidental contribution to their attempts.
The Martians - Kim Stanley Robinson. This excellent book by KSR is a collection of short stories detailing life on Mars at various stages through the Trilogy. Some stories are set within parallel timelines to the Trilogy, detailing alternate histories; in one the colonization never took place at all. A very good book, apart from the section of poetry.


Zodiac - Neal Stephenson. A spiffingly good eco-thriller about an enviromentalists fight against a big corporation and the dodgy men running it. Plenty of humour, and a fast pace make this book very hard to put down.
Protect and Defend - Eric L. Harry
Good Omens - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
The Siege of Arrandin - Marcus Herniman. Marcus's first book is extremely well written. The characters are well described and the descriptions of the places visted are short, yet somehow able to easily conjure up an image in your mind.


Books I'm planning to get.

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Amazon.co.uk - Obviously.
Mars Trilogy Concordance - A very good site giving short biographies of the main cast in the Mars Trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson.

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