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Special Spells

This is a list of spells I wanted Shanenn to research/design. I've got a few others in hand too, for example Toilet, which creates for a short(ish) time a, you guessed it... Toilet.

Net of Shanenn (1st level)

This spell causes a blood red swirling net of power to arc from the casters fingers and strike the target. It causes 1d4+1 damage for every two levels of the caster (ie 2d4+2 at third level etc.), if the target fails its saving throw in the first round. The target makes another saving throw in the second round, if it fails it takes the appropriate amount of d4 damage minus 1 per dice, this keeps on hapening until the rolls reach d4-4. The spell hits the same targets as magic missile, and has a casting time of one, with a range of 60 yards + 10/level.

Shanenns' Flaming Web (2nd level)

Flaming Web causes a web of blood red flames to appear, anchored according to the web spell, the spell lasts for 2 rounds per level, and causes 2d4 damage per round to anything trapped in the web, half damage if saved. The web can be broken in the normal ways, but is unaffected by fire. Casting time of 2, with a range of 5 yards per level.

Shanenns' Vampiric Web (3rd level)

Vampiric Web causes a shimmering blood red web to fly from the casters hand, as per Net of Shanenn, which, when it strikes the target, causes 1d4 damage per two levels of the caster, up to 8d4 for an 16th level sorcerer. There is no saving throw, the casting time is 3, and the spell lasts for 4 rounds. The range of the spell is 60 feet.

Shanenn's Protective Web (4th level)

This spell causes a shimmering red web to engulf the targeted creature. The web gives immunity to any attack such as blades, blows and projectiles, as per stoneskin. Also, the spell grounds magical attack spells such as magic missile, fireball etc. giving a +2 to saves, or taking half damage, dependent on the spell. This touch spell takes two phases to cast, and blocks 1d4 attacks, plus 1 per two level of experience of the caster.

Shanenn's Shielding Web (5th level)

This spell causes a web to form, the web is like a thick wall, it can be cut through like the normal web spell, but is immune to fire, the web occupies a 10' by 10' by 10' cube for every level of the caster. The web is self supporting, so it only needs to be cast on solid ground. A strength of 20 can break a strand. The casting time is 3 and the spell lasts for 1 turn per sorceror level.

Web of Iron (6th level)

Web of Iron is placed in the same way as normal Web, but the web that forms is a translucent red, the strands are still sticky, but are inflammable and have the strength of iron. A combined strength of 25 is needed to break a strand, and each strand is roughly a quarter of an inch thick. The range of the spell is 5 yards per level, the volume filled is the same as that for web, the casting time is four, and the web lasts for 2 turns per level.


These spells are what Shanenn wants to invent, only the first spell has been approved, so the DM might not like the rest (even though I think the first one is probably the one most likely to be a higher level than what it is).

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