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The deceased characters are:-

O    Gormok - A Smelly Dwarven fighter.
O    Camenar - A grubby moon paladin (I think).
O    Corben - A Star paladin.
O    Sir John - A Knight.
O    Astivan Marvenar - A Water cleric.
O    Roy Bogh - A Sun cleric.
O    Messa - An air cleric.
O    Tessa Po - A mage.


Gormok is a dwarf. A smelly dwarf, he is permanently drinking, and seems to take great delight in annoying the rest of the party. He seems so stupid that Shenenn would not be surprised if he gets himself killed very soon. Also, if he's not careful the knight is going to strike him down.


Camenar was assigned to the party to protect Shenenn, because being only a first level character she needed some physical protection. He is shabbily dresses, shouts all the time, and the first time the party split up he went in a completely different direction to Shanenn, hopefully Shanenn will be able to look after herself, she doubts that he'll live long.

Corben the Star Paladin.

Corben seems well balanced and a nice enough fellow. He came up with a couple of good ideas and has obviously been trying to keep the various factitious elements of the party apart. Hopefully he'll be with the party for a long time.

Sir John (The knight)

Sir John is a knight, not a fighter, he has a warped code of honour, calls everyone peasants, and is quite simply an overbearing buffoon, he's not going to last long, he argues with the rest of the party too much.

Astivan Marvenar

Astivan's a water cleric, he seems like a nice fellow, he's not noisy, so when he has useful information only half the party ever hear it. Hopefully when the moon paladin and the knight are killed off we'll be able to hear more of what he says.

Roy Bogh

Roy is a big balding cleric, he seems to have had a hunting background, and wanders off on his own a lot. Shanenn has not really spoken to him much, but he seems like the standard sun cleric (ie. a noisy religious person).


Messa was an air cleric, she had a cloak of invisibility, she never really spoke much, but she had a few good ideas. Somehow she bled to death in the first adventure while Shanenn was unconscious. The party will never know how useful she might have been.


Tessa was a mage, she started a few days after Shanenn and was killed at about the same time, all Shanenn ever knew was that she could cook.

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