Matts Place

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Chapter 2

When Shanenn woke up the Knight told her that the rest of the party had been killed in a rockfall further along the corridor. Between them they found the secret door and left the tunnel, then made their way back to the city.

Upon reaching the city the party found three more adventurers, and set out back to the ruins. Upon reaching the ruins one of the new characters tried climbing up a wall, for no apprarent reason. Then fell off. To cries of 'I want my knives back' he raced off around a corner and on to the top of the wall, followed by another new party member, a ranger.
The ranger lowered the thief/mage type character down on a rope to daggers. Just as he reached them a secret door opened and three ogres came out, right in front of Shanenn, the Knight, and a new mage. Combat ensued, Shanenn being terminally thwapped in the first round, the mage in the second, and the knight in the third. The ranger and the mage/thief were cut/diced/chopped/thwapped shortly afterwards.

Scratch one party.