Matts Place

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Chapter 1

Shenenn started her adventuring career by being asked by her local moon temple to join a party of adventurers to recover three ceremonial chalices which had been stolen from the local water temple by demons, and hidden before they were found and slain.

The party comprised of the following people:-

Gormak - A smelly dwarven fighter,
Camenar - A grubby moon paladin (who was supposed to be Shenenns bodyguard),
Corben - A Star Paladin,
Sir John - A Knight (therefore a worse prat than Tanaan),
Astivan Marvenar - A sensible water cleric,
Messa - An air cleric,
Roy Bogh - A large Sun Cleric.

Shenenn tried to use her crystal orb to look at the area the chalices were in, but she hadn't used the orb at such range before, and suffered some backlash.

When she recovered she went to the Water temple and spoke with some other members of the party. Shenenn realised she could cast a sympathetic detection spell on the map in the war room in the Earth temple, and with a description of the chalices from the water cleric she could narrow down the search slightly.

The party went to the Earth temple, where Shenenn met Commander Catrak, who knew Tanaan, he took them to the war room and watched Shenenn cast the spell. The search revealed the chalices were in some ruins, so the party set out to them.

About two miles from the ruins the party met a young man carving a piece of wood into intricate animal shapes. He said his name was Kivenar, but other than that had very little useful information.

The party carried on along their path a little way, then had to camp down for the night. In the night Shenenn and Camenar heard some strange screams, but nothing came near, so noone worried.

Later the next morning a path was found branching away from the main trail, the Sun cleric followed alongside it a little way, but found nothing useful. The party went along the path, and soon came to the outer walls of the ruins.

The sun cleric and the knight headed alongside the walls, but everyone else climbed over and into the inner part.

After much messing around, arguing, and splitting up, the remainder of the party discovered a hidden door. Inside was a corridor, which the party walked along. Two crossbow bolts flew at the party out of the darkness, hitting the air cleric and the knight. The star paladin and the knight charged off, for the knight to disappear into a swinging trapdoor type trap. Somehow the star paladin followed as well. Shenenn noted where the trapdoor was, and jumped over it, with the water cleric and the dwarf acting as counterweights. She carefully tried to work out where the edge of the trapdoor was (not an easy job), only to slip and start to slowly slide down it. The dwarf panicked and jumped off, letting the cleric and Shenenn fall into the hole, knocking them both unconscious. During the time she was unconscious the air cleric died.