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O    Mordel - A moon cleric.
O    Gygax - A Sun cleric.
O    Triana - A Bard.


Mordel is a very strange air cleric. Sarentum hasn't spoken to him very much. He seems fairly sensible but gives the impression of being from a very high social stanmding among the humans. Sarentum doesn't know why.


Gygax is a sun cleric, he is very different sort of sun cleric as her isn't noisy, load, or stuck up, and isn't particularly charismatic, although he is friendly enough, as he tends to go with other people when they want to find out stuff. He seems fairly proficient with his sword, and uses his light crossbow a lot, although he never hits much with it.


Triana has only been adventuring with the party for a short time, she is a beautiful human Bard, who doesn't seem to like anyone very much, and seems very snooty.

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