Matts Place

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Chapter 7

The next day the party set out into the woods again. On the way out what looked like two drayds were spotted. The party cautiously walked up to them and said hello. Whilst talking the ground suddenly went soggy, causing Gygax and Jim to sink in. Sarentum looked around for a branch or bush to use to pull Gygax out but couldn't find one, so used his shirt instead. While trying to haul out Gygax the dryad pusheed him in as well. As he wasn't sinking he decided to lie still. Triana attacked the dryad, and wounded him. Someone blinded him, and he surrendered, agreeing to give Triana a wish. She wished for a flute. It then dissapeared.

Back in the valley Triana decided to try out her flute. She appeared with Gygax when Sarentum was with some of the local magii, and proceeded to play. When she finished Gygax, Sarentum and one of the mages all found that their hearing had been horribly enhanced, causing them to fall unconscious after one too many loud noises. Sarentum retired to his room.

The next day, after recovering consciousness Sarentum went to visit Firesong. He said he would see what he could do. After experimenting with the local mage he found that a Remove Curse spell would work, so the next day he learnt it and healed Gygax and Sarentum.

The party set out the next day on their normal patrols.Joining them on the trip was a Ranger called Aldak. On the way back to the valley they were attacked by kobolds, easily killing them all,bar one which ran away.

The following day the party decided to set out and find the Kobold village, hideout, etc. and kill them. After a days travel they smelt burning, and when tehy got closer they found that the kobold village was under attack from three dragons. The dragons were a golden-brown colour, and were flaming the village.

The party decided to pull back, not knowing whose side the dragons were on. As they walked away a glittering cloud enveloped the party, knocking some people unconscious, followed by a few more, which took out Sarentum and some of the others.

When everyone woke up they found that they were buried in the goprund with only their heads sticking out. The dragons were getting Jim to relate his life story. The dragons got each member of the party to relate their life story to them, until they got to Triana. Triana asked if she could play her story on her flute. The dragons dug her out and she proceeded to play, using her magic flute. Almost everybody started taking damage, including the dragons, which let the party escape. Upon returning to the vale everybody was decursed by Firesong.

A few days later the party left the vale again to patrol, leaving Triana and the Ranger behind. A while later the party was attacked by birdmen, who kept dive bombing the party with javelin attacks. The party managed to kill most of them, and they withdrew. As they withdrew a very big white dragon appeared and froze one of them, making it crash land and then shatter apart.

Gygax oppened fire with his light crossbow, causing the dragon to land and attack the party. It breathed on Gygax, but didn't kill him. Sarentum ran in, and although he made some very good strikes, his swords kept bouncing off the dragon. The mages managed to hit it a couple of time with maghic missiles, but it didn't seem too bothered. Sarentum managed to hit it once, and actually did some damage, then Mordel fell. Sarentum picked him up and started running away. Jim as knocked down, while Gygax ran away. Rathek was hit and fell, then his body was hit by the dragons breath weapon. Skiff somehow managed to escape.

Everyone returned to the vale, leaving a party of Sarentum, Gygax, Mordel, Triana and Skiff.