Matts Place

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Chapter 6

The next morning the party spent a long time working out how they had all improved, then set out in the direction of Firesongs tribe.

As the evening approached, the party noticed a group of six things in robes, moving tangentially to the party. When they spotted the party they started charging. Sarentum immediately started running towards them, meeting them before the rest of the party. Mordel and Gygax opened fire with their bows, hitting one or two of them. Sarentum killed one of the things with his second blow, the creature turning to dust, then lost one of his swords in the underbrush. The things charged on towards the rest of the party, who killed three by the time Sarentum got back to them with his sword. Sarentum killed a second, and Rathek managed to kill the final one, which also crumbled to dust. After it was all over Gygax said that the creatures were undead.

Later that evening the party found the going easier, and Firesong said that they had just walked through the shield protecting his tribes valley. Everyone in the valley looked slightly elven, with white hair and pointy ears and stuff. Some lizards showed everyone to their rooms, and then later fetched everyone and took them to a party, whwere everyone had fun.

The next morning Firesong summoned the party to his sandpit, which had a representation of the valley and its surroundings in it. He showed everyone a section outside the shield and said that it needed patrolling. So off everyone pootled.

For the next six days everyone patrolled during the day, not meeting anything. Triana started to teach Sarentum how to use the short sword, and Rathek researched a new spell.

On the seventh day, while the party was patrolling, something crashed through the trees and attacked the party. The thing had the body of a lion, and three heads, one of a dragonm, one of a lion, and one of a bull. The dragon head breathed on everyone, doing some damage. Jim ran away. Sarentum ran in to hit the thing, managing to dop so a couple of times. Skiff did likewise. Rathek ran away, as did Triana. Gygax tried to hit the thing. The dragon head breathed again, damaging a few people. Sarentum atacked once more, then the bulls head breathed on him and Skiff, turning them both to stone.

When Sarentum was turned back he found he was in the valley again. Everyone was still alive, but Jim was becoming more and more unpopular with the rest of the party, for various reasons. After resting for a day, Sarentum found he had got better at fighting again.

A few days later the party decided they were ready to out adventuring again. Rathek had taught himself a new spell, and Mordel had made himself a new holy symbol.

When the party left the valley, they were shortly surprised by something that appeared from out of the ground. Most people found it hard to hit, but eventually it was killed.

The next day the party were walking along when they encountered four displacer beasts. Sarentum managed to hit one before he was blinded by one of Jims spells. Sarentum still managed to kill one while blinded, then, just as his vision was clearing, he was blinded by another one of Jims spells. Trying to find another displacer beast to kill Sarentum accidentally hit Jim (Oh. What a shame). Deciding that he didn't stand much of a chance of finding another displacer beast Sarentum withdrew a short way from the combat to wait for his vision to clear. One of the displacer beasts saw Sarentum withdraw, so chased after him. As it hit him, Sarentum managed to kill it, before going down.

When Sarentum woke up the other displacer beasts had fled or been killed. Everyone then returned to the valley.