Matts Place

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Chapter 5

The following few days before new year were spent practising, partying, learning new spells etc. Rathek seemed less jumpy than normal, only seeming to be on the verge of a heart attack about twice in three days. The main function everyone was expected to attend was a large ball thing, where everyone was introduced to the queen, and her close family. Mordel and Sarentum spent most of the evening being asked to dance, probably because they were both strange good looking foriegn people. After spening a few hours dancing Sarentum spotted someone who looked a bit elvish (Cue obvious pun). After introducing himself and finding that they shared no common language, and that the person was not elven, but human, Sarentum and the person had a conversation (He was telepathic). It turned out that he was at the city to try to enlisdt help to rid the land just outside the border of things that were attacking his tribe. Sarentum offered to go along, and arranged to meet the next day, when the whole party could discuss it.

The next morning at breakfast and lunch everyone discussed going with the man, who was called Firesong. Deciding it was probably a good idea the party decided to go along. Triana had asked to join the party and they hesitantly agreed. The rest of the day was spent saying goodbyes and getting ready to leave.

The next morning everyone was standing ready outside the stables. Firesong cast a spell or something, creating a portal thing, which led to somewhere outside the border. Once everyone had walked through Firesong closed the portal and then collapsed. Within a few seconds everyone noticed a large black flappy thing diving for the party. Rathek fired off a spell, as did Jim. Jims colour spray blinded the dragon, which flew into the ground. It wasn't dead so Sarentum hit it with one of his swords, the one that he knew did extra damage agaionst evil dragons, slaying it. Everyone took a deep breath, looked round and made assorted 'Yep. We're cool' comments.

Jim decided to go and explore the woods while everyone else set up camp, as Firesong was still feeling ill from his gating experience. A man approached Jim in the woods, demanding to know what he was doing, it turned out the man was a member of Firesongs tribe, who came and joined the party.

In the night Jim was surprised by some monsters, just abvout everyone woke up apart from Sarentum. After the fight had started Sarentum woke up so he attacked one of the monsters, but missed. The next round he hit and managed to kill one. The monsters had only one eye, and were quite big Jim fell in the battle, so Sarentum stepped over to protect his body, killing a second monster. Skiff, and the others killed one or two monsters, Sarentum killed another and the final one ran off. Then everyone went back to bed again.