Matts Place

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Chapter 4

At the riverside was a large wooden building, with a waterwheel outside. There were two doors, one at ground level and one up a flight of stairs. The ground floor doors slid open to reveal a large pool of effluent and some machinery. The stink ws horrible so the party shut the door. The sorceror went to climb the stairs then said they were unsafe. Jim and Sarentum carefully walked up the stairs, then knocked. Noone answered so Sarentum opened the door, then went in. There was nothing inside the room other than a couple of doors. After searching around the party found a desk, some tools and some machinery but nothing else. The party then decided to search a platfrom next to the waterwheel. Getting down involved climbing down a ladder. Jim climbed down, then Sarentum tried. Unfortunately the ladder came away from the wall and started swinging over the river. Sarentum nimbly kicked off from the ladder, landed on the moving water wheel, jumped, spun, and landed on the platform next to Jim. Rathek used some sorcery thing to climb down, then the group of three searched for secret doors. They didn't find any.

Climbing back up was little problem, but while wlaking back through the building to the stairs Jim put his foot through the floor and almost mashed it in some machinery. On reaching the foot of the stairs Mordel, Rathek and Gygax decided to go back into the pool room and see what the could find. Jim and Sarentum decided to go to the pub. After walking a few yards they realised they had no money, so they went back to the building, just in time to see the three others co9me out of the pool room looking very ill.

The party was wondering where to go next when a herald turned up, on asking him where the nearest sewer entrance was he opened a big door which led down some stairs to the sewer. Skiff (The herald) followed everyone down the stairs, which came out at a branch in the sewers. In one direction was the pool house machinery and in another was light, so the party headed that way.

As the party got closer to the light a rockfall became apparent. Shortly after that Sarentum spotted some huge rats heading in the parties direction, so he attacked. The rest of the party gradually got the idea and started attacking the rats. Sarentum killed a couple before he was blinded by one of Jims' spells. The party carried on fighting, Sarentum killed another rat or two while blinded. Then he dropped one of his swords. Just when it seemed like the party was winning some of the rats changed into humanoid creatures, Sarentum hit one of them before being knocked down. Jim found his weapons were not damaging the shapeshifters and panicked. Rathek treated Sarentum and he went back into combat, killing another thing. One of the shapeshifters hit Sarentum again, knocking him down again. But again he was healed and took out another shapeshifter. Eventually the party wonm, although everyone was quite badly off. On climbing over the rubble Rathek and Sareentum found a warehouse full of loot. Skiff managed to identify most of it, though some money, two potions and a magical stone rose were untraceable. So the party kept them.