Matts Place

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Chapter 3

Rathek tried various detection spells while the rest of the party alternately sat round, searched for clues and heckled.

Outside the stables the party found a large grating, which even with their combined efforts could not move. On asking the stablemaster he walked into the stables and pulled a lever which made the grating slide open. Jim and Rathek climbed down and followed the sewers along a short way. The rest of the party went into the street and stood waiting for a sign from the others. Shortly a manhole opened and Jim waved. Everyone went down into the sewer to have a look round. Jim had found some straw on the walkway beside the gulley, but nothing else. As there were branches going all over the place the party decided it was a bad idea to wander around down there for very long.

In the meantime Triana had gone off somewhere, when she returned she said that she had found out that the sewers emptied out into a river, where some complex machine pumped the waste into the river. Everyone wondered why they didn't just slope the sewers a bit and empty it into the river somewhere else.

Rathek went and saw his mother, who said that the party should get the bridle back and not to return until they did. Personally Sarentum felt this was a bit unfair, seeing how it was nothing to do with the party. This was turning out to be the least fun holiday he had ever had.

After much talking the party decided to go to the sewer outfall and see if they could find anything there (for some reason the DM thought this was an obvious idea and we should have got there much quicker). Sarentum went along in case there was something interesting to see, though he severely doubted it.