Matts Place

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Chapter 2

The next day Ratheks tutor created a gate and the party walked through, coming out in the ruins of a building, a short distance ahead was a shimmery curtain field thing.

Jim put his arm in it and the curtain started going up his arm, so he pulled it out fast. Rathek then walked into the curtain and stopped. Jim then swung his staff at him, but missed the stationary target.

Rathek then wandered further into the mists on the other side of the curtain, so Sarentum followed. As soon as he passed through some thoughts appeared in his head of 'Who? Why? Where?', to which Sarentum thought 'Huh?' and tried to head back tot he rest of the party. Sarentums body was then racked with pain and the voice in his head went 'WHO?', so Sarentum tohught 'Oh, I see. I'm Sarentum, I'm here with him [Rathek], I think we're on holiday. He was then propelled towards Rathek, and found that he felt very ill. And could only speak in Faerie. A guy approached on a white horse and introduced himself. At least Sarentum guessed he introduced himself, as he couldn't understand a word he was saying. Later he found out the guy was a herald. Whatever one of them is. The herald laid out a tent and the party rested for the night. The next day everyone headed for the capital city, which was named Capital, I think. On getting there the party was et by someone and taken to Ratheks mothers house/City block. Upon arriving Rathek found out that his mother had had another eight (dozen) or so more kids. And she had even called one of them Rathek. Sarentum met the swordmaster, I rather strange kind of bloke who was good at throwing low level characters around. Everyone had dinner, learnt about the state religion, and various stuff like that.

The next morning, while Sarentum was practising his swordfighting in the Salle he noticed a beautiful woman watching him, she iontroduced herself as Triana, and she was a Bard. Shortly after the introductions were over a screwam was heard from the stables. On racing (well. Hurriedly walking) down to the stables the party found that one of Ratheks half-sisters had found that her special bridle with bells on had been stolen. After asking the stablehands if they had seen anything someone noticed scrathes on the door, as if a dog or large cat had tried to get it.

The game was afoot.....