Matts Place

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Chapter 1

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One day Sarentum was in his normal pub, The Rising Star, where he was talking to his friends, when, after a few drinks, they decided to go adventuring. One of them, Rathek, a water sorceror, mentioned that a lot of parties had gone out looking for a set of goblets which had been stolen form the water temple. Everyone arranged to meet up back at the pub the next morning.

Do you have a sense of impending doom?

Anyway, the next morning everyone met up and wandered into the jungle in the general (well, precise) direction of the ruins where the goblets were supposed to be hidden. On the way the party met Kivenar the wood carver.

When the party got the ruins they started looking for secret doors. While they were looking the sun cleric wandered off, only to be attacked by ogres. Sarentum ran towards the cleric and engaged the ogres in a terrific storm of Faerie Sworddancer style combat fighting, killing one and then being knocked unconscious.

When Sarentum woke up it was the next day. Apparently the sorceror barely managed to kill the last ogre. Then Kivenar turned up and saved everyone.

The next day the party found a secret door and went in. After much careful searching they found a pit trap. The party searched for a button and didn't find one, so Sarentum and Gygax jumped across, as did Rathek. Then Mordel fell down the hole. Sarentum had a rope tied around himself to cover just such an eventuality, so he took up the slack and ran down the corridor, to try and pull Mordel out of the hole before it closed on him. Unfortunately there was a rock trap further down the corridor which splatted him. Luckily Sarentum stayed conscious, until the rest of the team dropped a boulder down the pit trap to make sure Mordel was still in there, which caused the rope to go tight, and pulled Sarentum backwards through the rubble, which he couldn't. After this happened a couple of times The rest of the party started pulling all the boulders away, freeing Sarentum, but bringing him within an inch of his life.

When Sarentum woke up he was on the other side of the pit trap. Mordel was now out of the trap. After much searching buttons were found which could open the original secret door, lock the pit trap and open another secret door.

After a nights rest evryone was healed up slightly, so continued through the new secret door. After going down a flight of stairs Sarentum noticed something approaching so he readied his swords and prepared for combat. At which point Jim turned out the only light the party had. When the light came back on again the monster was right in front of Sarentum. It was some sort of large maggoty tentacley thing (Carrion Crawler). Sarentum hit it once before it hit him, paralysing him. Sarentum lost consciousness while the rest of the party gradually got bitten. A short while later he found he regained consciousness and found he could move again, so he scrambled up, grabbed his swords and tried to hit it as it dragged Gygax into its lair. Unfortunately it was not surprised, so it dodged the blow, and then knocked him unconscious again. Sarentum woke up in the Sun temple of the city, finding out that the sorceror had saved them, although Sarentum had been killed and then resurrected. He also blabbered something about the quest being solved and Kivenar being rich and helping him. As the sorceror at the best of times was barely coherent Sarentum decided not to enquire.

After resting for a week, the party was invited by Rathek to come with him on holiday to visit his mum over the new year in Anadyr.