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The Other Players

The other players characters in the campaign are:-

O    Connory Sinnoch - Human Water Ranger
O    Eliander - Elven Bard
O    Shanna - Faerie Mage
O    L'hanna - Faerie Sword Dancer
A few of the main non-player characters are:-

O    Tim - The Enchanter (Yes, I know)
O    Chival - The Inane Sun Paladin
Here's a repository of dead characters, killed either through their own stupidity (the dwarf), or by nasty EVIL DM's (Daithi).

O    Karrot - Stupid Dwarven Fire Cleric
O    Malakai - Human Moon Cleric
O    Daithé - Amazingly cool, thoughtful, funny, and powerful Sorceror.

Connory the Ranger.

Connory is a human water ranger, he is also one of the quieter members of the party. He uses two weapons during battle and is extremely adept at killing giants. Although he isn't as strong or as tough as Tanaan, he is definitely an good asset in battle, and a reliable and friendly member of the party.

Eliander the Bard.

Eliander hasn't been in the party long, but she is already becoming powerful. She recently acquired spell use, but hasn't had much opportunity to use it. She was given a magical lute which, when played, causes damage to extra-planar creatures. She has been quite useful in the past few battles, although she does have a tendency to shoot Tanaan in the back with arrows during melee, although that's not really her fault.

Malakai the moon cleric.

Malakai is strange, he has the mood changes of moon clerics, but seems paranoid and jumps around a lot. For some reason he decided his nice moon sword was useless, so he went up to a powerful guardian thing of moon, and said 'This swords not very good is it?', so the moon thing tied it in a knot, passed it back and said 'No, it's not is it?'. He has been quite handy in battle as when he concentrates he can banish the demons. Perhaps if he concentrated the rest of the time he would be more useful.


Shanna is a good mage, although a lot of her spells seem to be fire based, which is not useful when fighting demons. Her only aims in life seem to be to get more spells and to sleep with the rest of the party. So she's doing fine. She is probably the ugliest faerie any of the party have ever met, although she's friendlier than the rest.


L'hanna is annoying, she does fine in battle, killing things with panache and style. Unfortunately outside of battle she is a whinging pain who gets on everyone's nerves. She permanently wants better weapons, even though she can't use anything other than special twin weapons. She has managed to get trapped in a preservation spell. It's probably not worth our while trying to get her out.


Tim is a sorceror, he dresses in turquoise robes, he is very powerful and seems nice enough, although he does tend to get carried away when he has new ideas. He handles himself well enough in battles, and has saved the party on a couple of occasions. He's well travelled, and knows a lot of useful information, and some less useful stuff about elven art.


Chival is inept. He's a nice enough fellow, but seems to be permanently missing things when he tries to hit them. Recently he has started going (Game Mechanically) for high experience point monsters, instead of the ones which pose the greatest threat to the party, and his Unicorn's the same.

The Amazingly Cool Frood

Daithé was my first character in Davids campaign, he was a sorceror from the mainland, who travelled to the Islander kingdom to help defend some towns which were coming under attack. He met various people who later became his friends, including Connory. He got quite rich and was learning new spells at quite a rate. Then one day the party was caught out by a log trap, which trapped Will the thief. The rest of the party tried to free him as some giants advanced down the hill. Somehow the giants arrived before Daithé could get his fireball off, and killed him. Chival the Paladin playhed dead and then ran away, stopping only to take his favourite magical items from the dead bodies of his comrades. Oh, and the thief somehow wasn't spotted.

The Stupid Dwarven Fire Cleric

Karrot is a pain, s/he is a stupid, moody, dwarf. Normally Tanaan likes dwarves, they are a sturdy, reliable race. This one is unpredictable and has an huge overestimation of its worth to the party and as a fighter, although she must able to fight, as she has done more damage to Tanaan than half the demons he's met. S/he spends more time unconscious than the rest of the party and insults people left, right, and centre. She never thinks about her actions, such as when she tried clearing a path through a snow field with her flaming battle axe, she couldn't see where she was going, everyone had just been in a fight and so were close to dying, and she managed to hit Tanaan with the battle axe. She didn't even say sorry.
Karrot also likes to wake people up by kicking them, if she does this one more time Tanaan will definitely lose his temper and smash her face in.

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