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Chapter 8

After the combat the party trooped back to the library, with the exception of the stupid dwarf. When the party got there the sidhe turned up, with a person who looked like Tristram the psionicist, but who sounded like Chival the inept Paladin. Very strange. They had been psionically linked and the sidhe tried to separate them, but it went a bit pear shaped.

Most of the party went back up to the room with the star in and searched for secret doors, finding none. When the party returned downstairs the dwarf turned up, demanfding that Connory use his magical sash thing to create enough water for a sauna, as it had set fire to one of the upstairs rooms. Connory refused. The dwarf was then about to torch the room, but decided not to when Shanna looked annoyed.

Shortly afterwards a fireball burst back along the corridor, burning Tanaan and Eliander. It fizzled out when it got nearer to Tim (The Enchanter). A couple of stupid dwarf comments ensued. A bit later the party was teleported onto a mountainside, just in time to see some demons strike down some dwarfs, get attacked from behind by the stupid dwarven fire cleric, and then saw the stupid dwarf struck down. The party heroically charged into battle, fired arrows into the backs of their own party members (hitting Connory instead this time, Eliander is obviously becoming a better shot), or cowering (In the case of Elimondo). The party killed a couple of demons, and the last one ran away.

Then Malakai and Shanna looted the stupid fire clerics body, taking its money and reclaiming their magical items they had lent to it.

A short time afterwards the side of the valley opened up. The party already knew they were outside entrance number 34 of the dwarven city of Karaknavin, but hadn't been able to find the entrance. The dwarves walked out and spoke to Tanaan, unfortunately he didn't know dwarven so Elimondo had to translate. The dwarves let the party enter the dwarven city, putting the whole party in a small annex (apart from the corpse). Tanaan started to learn dwarven from Elimondo (Important note: Elimondo speaks dwarven with an Italian accent, I can't do an Italian accent so my roleplaying of speaking of dwarven is pretty amusing. Or painful.) and started to test his newfound phrases on people, who kept saying fast, unintelligible things back (I wonder what they were saying?). Shanna tried to seduce the dwarf guarding the rooms, who said she would be prettier if she grew a beard (The rest of the party thought a faerie with a Charisma as low as Shannas would have a beard anyway. We've already got the DM to rule that she snores.).

Elimondo was allowed to go around the city, and Tanaan managed to get permission to visit the Earth temple with him, as long as he wore no armour and took no weapons, which Tanaan did, although he thought it was rather rude of the dwarves to demand this, as Earth is the major Earth religion, so they should at least have trusted him enough to let him carry his stuff, as Earth Paladins are known to be extremely lawful. Rant Rave.

At the Earth temple Tanaan donated his treasure (he didn't have a lot), and asked a few pertinent questions (really), he found out that he may well be fated to get the axe of the dwarven lords back.