Matts Place

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Chapter 7

The party started to search the room they were stuck in. Eventually, combining the use of a divination spell and a dwarf's ability to look at walls, they found a piece of the wall where the crystal structure went away from them, instead of horizontally. Tim (The Enchanter), after healing the important people, managed to eventually cast a spell which made the hidden door (because that's what it was) disappear for a short while.

Tanaan led the party down a short corridor into a large room with a balustrade running round it. As they progressed along the balustrade a figure appeared at the other end of the room, dressed in black armour with glowing red eyes. The figure shrieked and hailstones fell on the party, hurting a bit. The figure started striding towards the party, so Tanaan started striding towards it. The ranger followed on behind. Just before Tanaan reached it, a fireball went off, almost killing the faerie mage. Tanaan managed to hit the thing a few times, before he looked into its eyes and fled in panic.

At this point the rest of the party decided the best thing to do was to walk along the narrow balustrade, even if there was a big paladin fleeing in abject terror (sword drawn), straight towards them. Tanaan managed to not fall over the edge as he passed the bard, but when he got to the stupid dwarven fire cleric he used her big mouth as a foothold and went straight over the edge. Then he kept on running. The ranger eventually killed the Death Knight, then climbed down into the main room. The moon cleric found Tanaan in a room hiding, and managed to persuade him that the Death Knight was dead. Tanaan started to walk back to the party, opening a door on the way (To cries from the moon cleric of "Don't open the d.... Oh bugger!"). There was nothing in the room, but a demon appeared standing behind Tanaan as he went to open the other door. Tanaan fearlessly attacked the demon, as it attacked the moon cleric. During the fight the moon cleric was poisoned, so he retreated slightly and cast a spell negating the poison. Tanaan wasn't poisoned and eventually killed the demon, which left its sword behind.

Tanaan put the moon cleric over his shoulder and returned to the party. Tim said the sword wasn't as good as Tanaan's vorpal sword, so he threw it away. The Faerie sword dancer showed signs that she was going mad, by deciding to take the Death Knights weapons.

Shortly afterwards the Faerie mage used her 'Come hither, lover' voice to call Tanaan. When he found her she was in a library staring at books which were held behind a purpley-violet shimmery curtain thing. She cast a detect magic spell and found out it was a low-ish level spell cast by a very high level mage. She started getting twitchy, and looking like she was going to grab a book, so Tanaan carried her out of the room, only to find she then didn't want to be put down. Tanaan made her promise not to try to get the books, then went back into the room (still carrying her).

When they entered they found that the ranger looked more injured than a few moments before, the bard was looking on in amazement, and the Faerie Sword dancer had both her weapons drawn. She then put her hand into the field, and within a couple of heartbeats was frozen in the shimmery curtain thing. Tim said it was a preservation field, so nothing bad was going to happen to the faerie, at the moment. The dwarf tried swinging her staff at the faerie to see what would happen, for a second the faerie moved, then the curtain started to advance up the staff, so he dropped it. Tanaan decided to try using a bit more force, so he threw his barrel of pickled fish at her. Tanaan made his 'Throwing barrel of pickled fish' roll and the barrel broke and exploded, covering everyone and everything in delightful aromatic pickled fish.

A short while later the party heard a humming noise, and some fish started levitating. The fish pootled off down a corridor to another shimmering curtain place, with the party in pursuit. Someone tried to grab a fish, but it dodged (It was getting very weird at this point). Then books started levitating through, so the mage grabbed one, and had a tug of war with something, until she got thwapped across the back of the head with a bigger book. Tim looked at the book, and then transported it off, saying there were only two copies in existence. The mage wasn't happy, and will probably want consoling. Tim then mentioned the sorcerers library, which was hidden in a mountain near to Narowyn (The ranger immediately decided the party should find it, sneak in, find the latrines, steal the toilet paper, and put cling film over the toilet seats.). Tim started getting ecstatic about the power all these books would give him when he returned to the sorcerors library. He talked about having his own room, his political status etc. (And the ranger said he would be able to have as many aardvarks as he could eat in a year).

The dwarf wandered off, to encounter an Earth Cleric who had been gated in. He introduced himself as Elimondo and joined the party.
Tanaan, Eliander, and the Stupid Dwarf then headed down to one of the lower floor rooms that had not been explored. On opening the door some demons appeared, which between the party managed to kill.
Eliander then opened the last remaining door on that level, and another demon attacked, Eliander was knocked down in the ensuing brawl, but Tim negated the poison in her, while Tanaan and the Stupid Dwarf killed the demon.

The party was definitely the worse for wear, so camped out in one of the main rooms. During the night a humming noise was heard, which came closer, and placed a pillow and blanket around the snoring Shanna.

The next morning, when Tanaan started praying for his spells (He had also gone up a level), an Earth Dog appeared to help him decide what spells to take. It's name was Rashar (pronounced Rash and then ar as in 'ooh aar Jimlad!'). It was a 'fluffy' labrador.

While the party was deciding what to do, the Stupid Dwarf stumped off, with the moon cleric following shortly after. The rest of the party decided to explore the next highest level, which comprised of a room with a five pointed star in it. As they approached the room the cleric raced back going 'Eep! help! Demons!', so the party heroically charged forward, to see the dwarf being ravaged by some demons. Melee ensued, with Connory and Eliander being poisoned. Tanaan lopped the head off one demon and started on another, while Malakai and Connory killed off two more, although Connory did break one of his swords. The clerics and mages attacked the last demon, Shanna managing to kill it with acid arrow shortly before it almost killed her.