Matts Place

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Chapter 6


After a week's rest the party decided to go somewhere and help in the fight against the demon and his hordes. For some reason they decided the best way to help would to be on the other side of the barrier, where the demon was. The dwarf walked off somewhere while the rest of the party did very little. Tanaan went to see Tim the Enchanter with some of the party and asked how they could get through the barrier. The original idea was to be turned into moonbeams and shone through, as light could pass through the barrier. Tim liked the idea but said Hansa would be able to do it easier. Hansa was the guardian priest thing who was supposed to be helping us. At this point he was in labrador form being groomed. Very Helpful.

Hansa didn't know if he could plane shift us all there so went and talked to one of his superiors, who said he could. At which point the party was transported across the barrier and then teleported away a bit before all the demons arrived.

When the party appeared out of teleport they immediately met about two dozen demons. This was fine, Tanaan killed one straight off with one blow using the vorpal sword he had been given. During the battle the Ranger and the Faerie Sworddancer were poisoned. Luckily the party killed off all but one of the demons, who then ran away. Tim teleported the party elsewhere, where Hansa cured the poison and restored Tanaan's health (he'd been hit quite a few times, once by a fireball). Everyone else was healed and then the party camped down for the night in a cave.

The next day, after everyone was awake, and had learnt their spells, the stupid dwarven fire cleric walked outside. Shortly afterwards she floated up into the air. The party walked outside to see what was going on. There they saw the dwarf surrounded by about a dozen demons, which were killing her. The party started casting spells, firing arrows, playing lutes etc. Tanaan cast his death spell, which got the attention of a couple of the demons, who flew down to be killed. Tanaan managed to kill one, which exploded. The ranger threw a spear, and then ran away. One of the demons hit Tanaan, doing some damage. Tanaan then chopped its head off, and it exploded. Shortly the rest of the party started running away, although Tanaan didn't notice. When he had killed four of the demons he started getting worried, as he was taking more damage when they exploded than he was taking when they attacked him. He shouted for Tim (the Enchanter) to get everyone out of there, at which point he did, by opening a gate, and the wild hunt turned up. The party reappeared, over a length of time, in a room. Hansa was not there, which was a pity, as the dwarf was almost dead, so Tanaan layed on hands, although he did need it himself.