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Chapter 5

Tanaan went straight back to his temple, where the chief priest advised him to talk to the sorceror. The sorceror took most of the party treasure in exchange and transported himself and Tanaan to the island. Tanaan was transported there without any weapons or armour, so the sorceror created lacquered armour and a psionically attuned sword for him. The sorceror was dressed in turquoise robes.

Tanaan and the sorceror met up with the party and introduced themselves. The sorceror then took them to see the sidhe. After much debate with it they agreed to give Chival and the psionicist to him as hostages until the rest of the party returned all three magical items. In this small amount of time the moon cleric managed to insult the sorceror so badly that he drained almost all the life energy out of him, so he became only slightly more powerful than an acolyte. Clever.

The party then left and were transported by the Sorceror to the main Islander kingdom city on the mainland. When they got there the party decided to go to Karak'shan and talk to the authorities there, as they had been attacked by the demon's forces. The authorities there sent the party to watch the War Council meeting. In the elven kingdom. So the party went there (mileage count = 4000 + at this point. In one day).

At the meeting it was reported that an elven sworddancer party, when it wasn't running away from things, had found a machine in the middle of the great plains, apparently left over from the last Great Kingdom vs Rest of World friendly match. The council decided whether to set it off or not, some of the clerical representatives went off somewhere, the dwarf fire sorceror caused chaos, some gods turned up and argued like spoilt brats, and then the machine was activated and a impenetrable field was set up along the equator, stretching from the ground to the edge of the atmosphere. The demon and most of his hordes were stuck on the other side. Just hope they don't dig under it.