Matts Place

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Chapter 4

The next morning the party set out into the mountains. They travelled well until they reached a branch in the valley they were following, where half the party reckoned they should go left and the other half right. After a short time of debate the dwarf stopped listening (having an attention span shorter than that of a five year old (gods only know how she meditates)) and stomped off up the left hand path. The rest of the party started to follow the dwarf with comments of 'What the hell, we haven't a clue', and 'Stupid Dwarf'. Tanaan just shrugged, set his pack and went back to the the front of the party.

A short time later the party spotted a group of dark skinned people heading along the mountain side at a high rate of knots. When they got closer it became apparent that they were Faerie. They asked the Faerie wardancer something, and he obviously did not give a satisfactory reply as they turned to the Faerie mage and asked her something, after which one of the Faerie in the other group stepped back a short way and a moon dog came trotting up, at which point it said "Let them through, Fools". The party carried on through the valley and emerged onto the edge of a forest. When they got closer they found an elven village, and a tunnel. The party went into the tunnel and after a long walk emerged by a lake with a bridge over it. As the party crossed the bridge Tanaan noticed a tall figure trying to cross the bridge, apparently it was a Sidhe. Two large figures appeared and would not let the Sidhe cross. Tanaan stood there wondering for a while, and when he turned round the rest of the party had walked off, obviously they didn't notice.

The party had now reached the elven kingdom. Everybody had different things they wanted to do. Tanaan had the ring given to him by the dwarf who told him about the axe identified, and found out that it would warn both him and the maker of the ring if he ever came close to the axe again. Shanna learnt some new spells, the ranger how to use the short sword etc. Eliander the bard needed desperately to find the bardic college to learn how spellcasting worked, as she had gained a large amount of levels in about one week, so needed training.

After a week or so's rest the party found out that the next magical item they needed was to be found within a temple somewhere in the spine of the world mountains, which was a long way away (On the other side of the great kingdom - see map). The magical item was stolen from the moon temple by moon followers of the other kingdom, who were mainly shapeshifters (This would never have happened in a proper organised religion like Earth).

One of the party was directed outside the elven city to a place where some help could be found. It turned out that this help was a Sidhe (The Moon Cleric did his normal 'Oh my god, it's something else that can kill me without thinking!' routine). The Sidhe transported the party to about a fortnight's travel from where we wanted to go. It also created walkways and resting places, and decided to tag along, as defeating the demon was also one of the things it wanted to do.

The party soon reached a crescent shaped temple (moon), and started to go inside when they were ambushed. The group was not surprised and Tanaan killed a shapeshifter shortly before it would have attacked the moon cleric.
Some of the party tried to go inside the temple, but could not, as there seemed to be some sort of ward protecting the place. The moon cleric went inside, just in time to see the chief cleric dissapear. He consulted his moon dog messenger thing, which disappearing onto the ethereal plane and stole the magic item back.

The party ventured back along the road, the way they had come, and could find no sign of the Sidhe (other than a magical road, various picnic places and sleeping areas). The moon cleric consulted his god and found out that the next magical item was in the possession of a sidhe (the one we'd just met), who was the emperor of a nearby island. Tanaan used his genie ring to take them there.

The party landed on the docks and went into the registration building. Tanaan was the first to be processed. When asked why he was there he started to give the full story of why they were there, at which point the annoying little bureaucrat summoned some guards. The moon cleric made a stupid comment and some more guards were summoned. Tanaan was told he would be tried and sentenced to death for treason, so he ran out onto the docks, got on his zephyr and rode away across the sea, using his genie ring to take him back to the islander kingdom.