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Chapter 3

We returned as quickly as possible to the capital and were told that we had an audience with the king. The king told us that we had to go to the mainland, and once there we had to find his son, who was hunting in the forests there, and escort him to Karak'shan. We would be led by a Sun Paladin called Chival, whom the ranger had met before. Apparently he was rather inept. We were joined by a Faerie Mage, a small human with a hunchback, a snotty dwarven fire cleric, and a manic psionic.

On the journey to the mainland we were attacked by some ghouls, which the sun cleric dispatched with little difficulty, some demon type things, which we eventually killed, and a whale which almost sunk the ship. The hunchback turned out to be a wood spirit, and was swallowed by the whale.

We beached the ship and then walked the few miles to the town. On the way there we found a strange building. We went inside and found that it was deserted. A few of the party left, the door slammed shut behind them and a Sidhe appeared, scaring everyone who was still inside the building rather badly.
When we got to the town Chival and Tanaan both prayed for their Warhorses. Tanaan found out that his Warhorse would be a Zephyr and would be found on the glassy plain on the other side of Karak'shan where the Dwarven, Elven and Islander Kingdoms defeated the Great Kingdom.

We started out to find the King's son. On the second night we were attacked by assassins, who we defeated. This was the first time Tanaan had used his spells in combat, killing two of them straight off. At this point the Wood Spirit appeared to our surprise. The Moon cleric then cast a holding spell on her, when he released her she tried to attack him. Tanaan stood in the way, and tried to stop them fighting. The Wood Spirit threw a magical bean at the cleric, hurting Tanaan and a tree as well. Shortly afterwards she disappeared, and according to the psionic she was taken into a tree by a druid.

The next day Tanaan called his friend Andurra to find out where the King's son was. It turned out that Andurra did not know, but a druid was hiding nearby, so we asked him. It turned out they were four days to the west.

After a good night's sleep the party set out, reaching the King's camp by lunchtime, probably caused by the druid nearby casting some magic. Malakai the moon cleric noticed the druid and shortly afterwards threatened to hurt a tree, knowing the druid was nearby. The prince (Raymond), was accompanied by a reasonably good looking female ranger, who later turned out to be the druid in disguise. The party reached Karak'shan by nightfall, again helped by the druid's magic.

The party was given quarters in the elven embassy, which that night were holding two parties. The moon cleric, Tanaan and the Faerie mage went, all having a very good time, especially the Faerie who had a spell cast on her to make her more beautiful. The next day, being the day of the Fire festival, was mostly taken up with prayers and parties, except for Chival and Tanaan. Chival left and returned by nightfall with his warhorse, a Unicorn. Late that night Tanaan returned with his warhorse, a Zephyr, which he had saved by defeating nine ogres who were hunting his herd.

That night Tanaan had a nightmare about the Valley around Karak'shan being covered in shadows by creatures with leathery wings. His cleric told him that this was a sign that the party should defeat the demon. The next day Tanaan gathered the party together and set out with a new member of the party for a monastery which was reputed to contain one of three magical items required to kill the demon. The next day the party arrived at the monastery and were attacked by giants, which one of the mages fireballed, and the rest of the party slew with little difficulty, apart from the faerie sworddancer (the new member of the party) was almost killed.
The party carried on into the monastery, which was circular and on a small plateau sticking out from the mountain. Inside they found first of all a room with walls that started to slide in and crush them, which they managed to stop, and a room which rained napalm from the roof, injuring two members seriously. Chival the paladin managed to find the way out, but as he did so Tanaan used his ring with a Genie in to take all the party into the snowline.
After everyone was rested the party carried on further into the monastery, encountering on the second floor some ogres. The party was fighting well and had killed about ten of them, when an ogre mage cast a spell which killed the faerie mage, the half-elven mage and the human psionicist. Chival's unicorn and the Dwarven cleric got to the mage first and killed it before it could cast any more spells. The unicorn then proceeded to resurrect the faerie mage, who awoke much weaker than she had been before.

The next day the party continued to the next floor, where they found a rune on the wall. Tanaan had walked away and was standing looking down through a collapsed section of floor to the rooms below, when the rune exploded, injuring the cleric and two other people, luckily noone was killed. Immediately after some giants came through a passage way, and some more stood on the roof and threw rocks. Tanaan and the ranger started to fight them while the rest of the party retreated for a round or two (apart from the cleric). Tanaan climbed to the roof and was attacking a giant when the Fire cleric stupidly cast pyrotechnics, blinding him. Tanaan carried on fighting and managed to quite seriously injure one giant, before he fell off the roof and onto the floor below, where he stood up and ran towards the sound of fighting. Unfortunately he fell through a hole in the floor and ended up on the ground floor. By this point he was quite badly injured, as he had been hit about 7 times by rocks thrown by the giants. The remainder of the party killed two giants and another ran away. Someone spotted a spellcaster, who cast a spell which rebounded off one of the clerics rings and affected himself, holding him. Chival then proceeded to ignore all the giants posing a serious threat to the party and started to hit the giant mage. Tanaan ran back up the stairs (by this time he could see again) and ran one giant through. He then helped the faerie injure one more, leaving the last one to run away.

Tanaan and the ranger set out to intercept the giant before he got back to their camp, but failed, although they did find out that the chalice they wanted was in the giants' camp. Everyone in the party was given a drink which fully healed them. This was given to them by the warden of the temple, a twelve foot tall human who glowed golden. The party then camped down for the night, planning on using the next day as a rest day.
The party soon set out to find the giants camp, on the first day's travel meeting an elven bard and a psionicist, both of whom joined the party.
The next day the party ventured deeper into the mountains, but finding nothing.
However, the next day the party rounded a corner and came face to face with about a dozen giants, which they promptly attacked. The party was soon feeling the worse for wear, when about half the party was knocked unconscious. The bard fired on the giants from a distance while most of the rest of the party attacked in melee. Tanaan killed one giant, and the rest of the party another. The Faerie mage killed one giant at range with acid arrows and magic missiles.
The sworddancer was knocked unconscious for the second time after being healed, so Tanaan put her over his shoulder and started a fighting withdrawal, and let everyone else get on with whatever they wanted. The giants decided to pull back and a mage in their party put up a wall of stone to block our path.

The party walked back a short distance and camped out for the night. The next morning the mage learnt a new spell (fireball), and the party discussed what to do. No concensus was reached so the Stupid Dwarven Fire Cleric (SDFC), walked off in a snot. In the general direction of the giants. Tanaan used his genie to tell him if the dwarf got into trouble. Which she promptly did. Surprise. The party transported to her using the genie, to find that the dwarf had walked straight through the giants' overnight camp, and set off a booby trap. Surprise.
The party decided to carry on walking, and discovered the giants, which they attacked straight away. The bard shot at the giants the whole time, while the Faerie mage used acid arrow and magic missile to do the same. Tanaan was getting on well until a spellcaster shrank him to about three feet tall, but he still managed to kill a giant or two. Once all the giants were dead the party discovered a cave containing all their treasure, including the goblet. At this point the party found out that the giant cleric was a sun cleric, from the Great Kingdom, which meant that he was evil. The party also found out that we would need to go to the elven woods to find the next magical item to defeat the demon.