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Chapter 2

The party was getting on quite well in exploring the citadel when they discovered a golem, who immediately attacked them. When it was defeated (with little trouble), a pair of gauntlets and an adamantine battle axe were found in a niche behind it, the axe could only be lifted easily when wearing the gauntlets.

Tanaan decided that he would carry the axe for the meantime, as it was obviously an Earth aligned holy weapon. In the next room the party encountered two strange creatures which they had never seen before. They immediately attacked, so the party defended themselves, Tanaan killing one immediately with the axe. In the next round Tanaan killed another one, while the ranger hit the same one. Shortly after the axe and the ranger's sword both crumbled to dust, much to Connery and Tanaans disgust.

When Tanaan returned to the capital he was visited by a dwarf who told him about the axe, it was a Dwarven treasure and had been lost (rather careless really), 2000 years ago. The strange thing was the citadel was only abandoned a couple of months ago, and as the axe was in an obvious position, in a huge room, guarded by a big golem, you would have thought someone would have noticed it before us. The dwarf said the axe was not truly destroyed, as it could only be destroyed (willingly) by one of the dwarven lords of Karakshan. The dwarf gave Tanaan a magical ring and told him to take more care next time, and that he would know immediately if Tanaan ever found the axe again.

We returned to the citadel, and soon after encountered a shadow dragon, which Tanaan almost single handedly slew with his dragonslayer which he had found in the citadel a few weeks previously.

After exploring some more temples of different religions were found. In one of them the Moon Cleric's dog thing appeared and warned eveeryone to watch out. Shortly after everyone was struck down, the ranger and moon cleric were very badly off and Tanaan did not feel very well either. The Moon dog was also very badly off. He informed the party that someone in the great kingdom had opened a gate half a mile across, emptying a plane of hell into the twin cities of the great kingdom. The twin cities were 50 miles apart and were both wiped out, killing 8 million people. A lot of the party's magical iterms were drained of their magic. The demon was summoned by someone, it didn't just turn up because it felt like taking over. There was another smaller demon in the mountains a few days travel from the capital of the Islander kingdom, but it was destoyed when the demon prince appeared.