Matts Place

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Chapter 9

The next morning Elimondo didn't wake up...

Even after we shook him...

Tim wasn't there, and Chival/Tristram said 'Ooh no. Nasty, that happened to me once, it was what caused us to fuse together like this in the first place.'. So the party got Shanna to talk to the dwarf on guard duty to get him to summon help.

Tanaan went off to the Earth temple to pray. When he came back there was a dwarven Sun acolyte looking over Elimondo, its name was Matrak Glotsum. It decided to join the party.

Tim came back and gave Shanna a new spell, cone of bone chilling. After lunch Shanna had finished learning it, so the party left to defeat the demon. They gated straight into a five pointed star, where a demon attacked them, so they thwapped it, the dwarven sun cleric being thwapped in the process.

The pentacle was inside a barred room, so Tanaan, with a little help from Connory and Chival, bent open the bars.

The faerie sword dance was sent on ahead to scout, as she had a ring of invisibility. Round the corner she encountered a demon, so the party attacked it. While attacking it a few more attacked as well. Tanaan killed a few, being poisoned in the process, as was Connory and Malakai, who died.

After the last demon was defeated (shortly after the bard lighning bolted everyone), all the walls went shimmery and disappeared, revealing a big demony type person sitting on a throne. The demon cast a fireball at the party, which stopped halfway to them.

Looking around Tanaan saw that the Shidhe had arrived. It gave us some advice and told us that he ahd fozen time for however long we wanted, or until he got bored. It said the parties best idea was to sleep overnight to get spells back (in the mages case), and get some spells back (in the clerics cases). The next morning everyone spread out, then the Shidhe lowered the spell. Tim grounded the fireball through a spell he had just created then Shanna used the Talisman on the demon, then cone of bone chilling coldnessed him. Tanaan and Connory charged in, as did Chival. Tanaan hit the demon once, with a blow he felt sure should have chopped its head off. Some more demons appeared behind the fighters, and part of the ceiling almost fell on Tim, then Chival killed the demon with his Sun sword. The demon exploded, hurting people.

Once the smoke dissipated the party saw that the hall they were in was actually ruined, and outside the place looked nuked. The Shishe demanded the magical items back, so the party gave back the ones they had, and Tim summoned the Sun dog who had stolen the other one. The next morning everyone felt much more powerful, and Tanaan was high enough level to be considered Knight Commander. At this point Tanaan decided to deliver a message the Shidhe had told him, which was that everything iun the great Kingdom north of the barrier was the Shidhes. Tanaan plans on going to Karakshan to learn Etiquette from the elves in the elven embassy, and make sure that Eliander and Shanna get to where they want to go. He then plans to group together a taskforce to capture Ryjan in the Great Kingdom, convert it, and install some form of power structure until the fate of the kingdom is decided. In the future he also plans to go on a quest to find the axe of the dwarven lords.