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Chapter 1

Tanaan's an Earth Paladin, who originally came from the capital city of the Islander kingdom. He is 20 years old and was born on the day after the air festival. Tanaan is about 5'10", has dark brown hair and dark green eyes.

Tanaan started his adventuring career by joining a small adventuring party comprising of a young thief called Will, a ranger called Connory and a Sun Cleric called Dawain. The party decided to go on an expedition to find and kill a tribe of goblins which had been raiding the farms and villages around the capital.

The party travelled a short way and ended up camping for the night in part of the cemetery part of the outskirts of the town (It seemed to have a huge graveyard). In the night the party heard sounds of stone scraping on stone. Later we were attacked by gargoyles. Unfortunately Tanaan's long sword could not harm them so he tried to wrestle one to the ground. He managed to grapple with one for long enough to stop it attacking the thief, but could do little else until the ranger was knocked unconscious and Tanaan could use his weapon, by which point there was only one gargoyle left anyway.

By the end of this fight we were all injured and on our last legs, so we rested for two days by a small lake. During this time we met a gryphon called Hedona, who told us in which direction the goblins' lair was. At the end of the third day we returned to the capital as we did not have enough food to get to the lair and back.

When we got back to the capital the thief made his first major mistake. From what Tanaan gathered Will tried to forge a credit note from the temple of the twins, and with it bought some rations. Unfortunately real notes glowed softly if examined closely, Will's didn't, he was escorted straight to the temple of the twins, where he tried to lie to a priest who was using some sort of divining spell on him. The penalty for his crime would have been to have both his hands chopped off, but luckily for him (at that time) he was instead told that he had to free a dwarven citadel which had for some reason fallen into the hands of evil monsters. The rest of the party agreed to go along for various reasons. Tanaan went because there was a major Earth temple in the citadel, the cleric went because there was a major Sun temple, and the ranger went because he seemed to have no free will of his own.

The next day we set out, with a new member of the party, a mage, reaching the place where the citadel was supposed to be with little trouble. The citadel was reputed to be hidden inside a mountain with the entrance inside a gorge cut out for the road we were on. We found the entrance after some hunting, where we were immediately attacked by brigands. The rest of the party was incapacitated and Tanaan was blinded and tied up. Soon his vision returned and he broke his bonds and attacked the brigands.

After we beat the brigands we entered the citadel and explored the first few rooms. For the next week or two we explored more and more of the citadel, along the way losing the thief to a slime monster, he died in a stupid way by jumping into a pool with misty coloured water in it. Every few days we returned to the city to get rid of our treasure, heal and get more food. Another mage joined the group and soon after we met a female half-elf of unknown class (although she didn't like entering cities and cast clerical spells). Soon after we entered a room which had blocked our way for a long time. Inside was a set of double doors opening 200 feet up above a city with a spire in the middle. On the spire sat a young man, who looked up and started to age considerably, turning to dust in only a few seconds. The mages used an unseen servant to get the mans belongings, we returned to the capital shortly after and Tanaan found that there was no city like we saw on record.

While we were exploring a higher level of the citadel Tanaan, the half-elf and Dawain got turned to stone by a cockatrice. We were carried back to town and turned back to flesh again, but the half-elf did not survive the change. At this point both mages left the party. We soon met with a moon cleric, who soon appeared to be trying deliberately to offend his deity, as the Moon religion is in the islander kingdom Neutral in alignment, but he was acting chaotically, or at his best, manic. At this point one note should be made about one of the mages: His father was lord high muck-a-muck (or chief judge, head executioner or something) for Kingstown. Nothing particularly special there, but he had a butler, who was always there when you called him, and turned up in a room when you quite plainly saw him at the other end of a completely different room only seconds ago. Weird.