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David's campaign is set in his own fantasy world. He has a map of the world, but only with information that the players know on it.

Tanaan was born in Kingstown, the capital city of the Islander Kingdom. The climate is very temperate, although there seem to be plenty of mountains where it gets much colder.

In their journeys the party has travelled across the sea to the largest Islander Kingdom city, on the mainland. Just outside this city was a large white building, which was inhabited by a Sidhe.

Looking at the map, there is a ring of mountains, in which the elven kingdom is kept, away from everyone else so they don't cause any more trouble than necessary. In the elven Kingdom is a series of lakes, these drain through an underground river into Karak'shan, one of the three main dwarven citadels.

Karak'shan is a large city, set out in a boring grid pattern. They have a very nice Earth temple, and all the other religions have reasonable temples as well, although some of them have extremely tacky decorations.

Somewhere in Karak'shan is an elven embassy. To enter it you walk in through some gates, and enter a large park. Travelling through the park you get to the main building, which is large and has plenty of different things to look at, including a rather spiffing Earth Shrine.

The other two dwarven citadels are called Karakorum (I think thats the name of a place in Tibet) and Karak-something-else. One is on the other side of the elven kingdom, and the other is in the Northern Barrier mountains, up near the endless plains.

Another place the party visited briefly, in most peoples' case, are the Storm Isles. The Storm Isles are ruled by a Sidhe, possibly the same one as some of the party met outside the large Islander Kingdom city, definitely the one who tried to follow the party over the bridge in the elven kingdom. The kingdom is very like that in the Terry Pratchett book 'Interesting Times', much fun was had by the party converting their 'infidel' money into rhinos, or hippos, or something.

In the south is a country called Anadyr, which is surrounded by a magical barrier of some sort. This country has only one religion, and the god is much more actively involved in the goings on of the kingdom. Ratheks mother lived here. Somewhere near Anadyr is a valley, called, I believe, The Valley. All the people in the valley look slightly elvish, and their servants are lizards. These paople are having trouble with various nasty beasties attacking them. They also like large thermal baths.

As we explore new areas I'll update this page. Hopefully.

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