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There are loads of AD&D related sites on the net, just use Yahoo to find them. I've just put down the pages of the other characters in the campaign I was playing in. I no longer update this section of the site, so from here onwards the external links may not work.
There is also Uncle Steve's Web page which contains the Moon Cleric's and the Star Paladins' version of the adventure. WARNING: Steve is a JPEG junkie (more images than information). Turn off images for quick loading. His account of the adventures is not up to date.

The Killer Aardvark Homepage contains the Water Ranger's and the Knights' version of the story. His accounts are not up to date, but his new characters history will be (hopefully).

I've put together some of the custom rules and new character classes that are used in the campaign.


Sarentum was a Faerie sworddancer, although not a very good one. He was very dextrous, and his most treasured possessions were a pair of magical swords. I've done his character sheet and added the special rules about Faeries and sworddancers to my custom rules page. Plus the usual thoughts about the other characters.

Chapter 1 - The quest to find the chalice.
Chapter 2 - We go on holiday.
Chapter 3 - We go detectoring.
Chapter 4 - What is it with sewers?
Chapter 5 - We prove that we can work as a team (Honest).
Chapter 6 - Sarentum gets stoned.
Chapter 7 - The Magic Flute.


Shanenn was my third character, since I retired Tanaan. She was a sorceror, with the same background as Tanaan, although she was quite different to him (less pompous for a start). She didn't do much adventuring. Here's her character sheet . As she was a sorcerer she had to design her own spells whenever she gained a spell level, so I've worked out a few she would have liked to try and make. Again I've made a few comments on what the rest of the party seem like.

Here are the party's adventures (it must be mentioned that the first session lasted over four hours, and solving one puzzle took up two of them):-

Chapter 1 - The quest to find the chalice.
Chapter 2 - The rest of the party dies.


I've compiled Tanaan's story into chapters to make the reading easier. If you find bits that don't make sense, for example if people are mentioned dying but never turning up in the first place, never mind. You can also look at his character sheet , take a peek at what he thought of the other party members , or have a quick tour of David's campaign world.

Chapter 1 - Starting Out.
Chapter 2 - Will Will ever be sensible?
Chapter 3 - The Axeman's back.
Chapter 4 - That Sun Paladin turns up.
Chapter 5 - Giant bashing (Hurray!).
Chapter 6 - We see some gods.
Chapter 7 - Demon Bashing (Hurray!).
Chapter 8 - Flying fish and Foolish Faerie.
Chapter 9 - The Stupid Dwarven Fire Cleric gets fried!
Chapter 10 - We meet the big bad demon high lord person.


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