T20 Vehicle Design Sheet Output

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Wolverine Modular Battledress (Assault variant) - Augmented Armour

Class: Augmented Armour EP Output: 14 (4.28 excess)
Cost: 5848445.86666667 Agility: 1
Tech Level: 14 Initiative: +1
Size: Large (840vl) AC: 24
Streamlined?: Standard AR: 14
Pressurized? Yes SI: 33
Climate Control? YesVisual 1 video camera(s)Infrared light intesification1 HUDs
Drive Train: Legs 1 Holographic camera(s) w/ infrared w/light intensification
Crew: 1 1 headlight(s), 1 Spotlight(s) Range: 21m   
Passengers: 0Sensors: Radar(Range: Short)
Cargo Space: 2 vlSensors: Auditory (Range: Close)Tactile( Range: Touch)
Fuel: 33.6 vl
Range: 1080 kmComm:Voder2-way Radio(Range: Short)
Off-road:22.5Very Slow:4.5Slow:11.25
Other equipment:Grav drive train (max speed 250kmh. Acc=32)
Weapons:Appendage #1: 4xLAG (ammo 240), Dmg:2d10, crit: x2
Appendage #2: 4xFGMP-14 (ammo 60), Dmg:7d20, crit: 18-20 (x2)
Fixed Mounts:
Fixed Mount #1: Light MRL (100 tubes) (ammo 100), Dmg:1d8
Fixed Mount #2: 2x Grenade Launcher (ammo 20), Dmg:Per Grenade
Turret #1:
Weapon #1: Medium Laser (ammo ), Dmg:3d10

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Wolverine Modular Battledress. Significantly heavier than the Cougar battledress. This is the assault version. The Medium laser inflicts 8d10 versus people The MRL inflicts 6d8 versus people

Vehicle design output originally based on the T20 vehicle design spreadsheet v1.03 at Falkayn.com. This version using T20 vehicle design spreadsheet 2.0 based at Wilshin.net