T20 Vehicle Design Sheet Output

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Thunderstrike - Grav Carrier

Class: Grav Carrier EP Output: 31 (0.04 excess)
Cost: 1009408 Agility: 0
Tech Level: 10 Initiative: +0
Size: Huge AC: 16
Streamlining Standard AR: 8
Pressurized? Yes SI: 65
Climate Control? YesVisual 3 video camera(s), 6 video monitor(s) and 1 HUD(s)
Drive Train: Grav
Crew: 1 2 headlight(s), 2 Spotlight(s), 2 brake light(s)  
Passengers: 6Sensors:
Cargo Space: 2000 vl Radar,
Fuel: 1302 vl
Range: 10080 km
Off-road:N/AVery Slow:12Slow:30
Other equipment:Heavy manned turret with triple medium lasers (5d10 dmg) Vacuum capable Designed for pilot, gunner and four seated people, plus poles for 4 battledress to anchor to.
1 winch(es) STR25

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This grav carrier was designed by Apex Industries during the Gesundheit revolution on Aisha 5 (sector 1836) . The vehicle was designed to be a cheap and cheerful update of the standard grav carrier, for use carrying the recently arrived Peacekeepers, who were equipped with Battledress. As such, much of the seating was removed, and replaced with stanchions for Battledress to cling to whilst in flight.

Vehicle design output based on the T20 vehicle design spreadsheet at Falkayn.com.