T20 Vehicle Design Sheet Output

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The Me Kon - Uber-grav-zimmer-assault-thing

Class: Uber-grav-zimmer-assault-thing EP Output: 25 (19.68 excess)
Cost: 755566 Agility: 5
Tech Level: 14 Initiative: +5
Size: Large (450vl) AC: 28
Streamlined?: Standard AR: 14
Pressurized? Yes SI: 27
Climate Control? YesVisual 1 video camera(s)Infrared light intesification
Drive Train: Grav 1 Holographic camera(s) w/ infrared w/light intensification
Crew: 0 1 headlight(s), 1 Spotlight(s) Range: 21m   
Passengers: 0Sensors: Radar(Range: Medium)
Cargo Space: 70 vlSensors: Auditory (Range: Close)Enhanced Olfactory(Range: Close)Tactile( Range: Touch)
Fuel: 60 vl
Range: 2400 kmComm:2-way Radio(Range: Short)
Off-road:N/AVery Slow:10Slow:25
Other equipment:0
Weapons:Appendage #1: 2xFGMP-14 (ammo 65), Dmg:7d20, crit: 18-20 (x2)
Appendage #2: 2xLAG (ammo 150), Dmg:2d10, crit: x2

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A personal grav carrier. Looks like a big floaty egg with arms.

Vehicle design output originally based on the T20 vehicle design spreadsheet v1.03 at Falkayn.com. This version using T20 vehicle design spreadsheet 2.0 based at Wilshin.net