T20 Starship Design Sheet Output

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The Ebon 2 - Far Trader Class Trader
Designed by: Matt

400-ton Hull (Needle/Wedge) - Streamlined (airframe)
AC: 19 (18 vs. Meson Guns) AR: 3 (TL-14) SI: 145 Initiative: 6
Starship Size: Medium Cost: 158.505 MCr (198.131 MCr without discount)
Model/2bis (PP: 38/9) Computer Avionics: Less than 600-ton Sensors: Short Range Communications: Short Range
Cargo: 141.0-tons
Annual Maintenance = 15.851 KCr (7.925 KCr if routinely maintained)
Routine Maintenance = 3.963 KCr/Month (39.626 KCr per year)

Jump-2 (enough fuel for 2x Jump-2)
Acceleration: 3-G Agility: 6
Power Plant: TL-16 Fusion (45 EP output, enough fuel for 4 weeks)
Fuel Scoops, Fuel Purification Plant (TL-15, 5hrs per 200 tons of fuel)
Atmospheric Speeds: NOE = 1,175kph Cruising = 3,525kph Maximum = 4,700kph

Hardpoints: 4
1x Triple Missile Rack Turret TL-12 (1 missile magazines)
Missile +3 To Hit, 3d6 (18/x1), Range: 90,000km, Ammo: 20 missiles
2x Triple Pulse Laser Turret TL-12, +3 To Hit, 3d10 (19/x2), Range: 45,000km
1x Double Plasma Gun Turret TL-12, +3 To Hit, 3d12 (18/x2), Range: 4,500km

Ship's Vehicles:
1x 5-ton vehicle hangar

Accomodations & Fittings:
7x Single Occupancy Stateroom (7 People)
2x Emergency Low Berth (8 People)
2x Airlocks

Crew Details:
1x Pilot
1x Astrogator
4x Engineer
1x Gunner

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