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The main subject covered by this web site is roleplaying. Of the dice and paper sort, not the other one (involving dressing up).
We mainly roleplay in Watford and Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire (England), and are often looking for new players. Have a look at my games page to see what we're like, or visit Snorg to see what we're talking about.
I normally run Shadowrun, a near future Cyberpunk game set on Earth. It differs mainly from the normal Cyberpunk games in that Magic is also available.


I've been playing Shadowrun for about eleven years now, and it keeps getting better. Below is a short list of my favourite Shadowrun sites on the web.
Dumpshock - The biggest and kewlest Shadowrun site on the net, contains Paolo Marcuccis Shadowrun archive, if you want Shadowrun gear/spells/vehicles/stories, this is the place to go.
The Official Shadowrun Website - Owned by the son of the guy who owned the FASA corporation, who originally owned the rights to Shadowrun. Later this year Shadowrun fourth edition will be arriving, apparently the world and the rules will have advanced substantially from the third offering.
James Ojastes' Shadowrun page - James made the Shadowrun vehicle shop, a rather good little program which designs Shadowrun vehicles without you having to know all the rules.
The Shadowrun Picture Gallery - Some good fan art, some better than others. Warning: This Tripod site has a lot of pop ups.

Other Roleplaying Games

AD&D - All my old AD&D pages. These are no longer updated, but I keep 'em, as they list all the adventures of one of the AD&D campaigns I played in. My favourite character was part of the campaign, a Paladin.
Conspiracy X - A rather strange game. The supernatural powers and mental psionic type stuff is quite cool, with Zener cards being used instead of dice.
The Traveller RPGs - My roleplaying group has been playing T20 for a couple of months now. A very good game, made very approachable when using the D20 rules.

Computers and the Internet

Themeworld - One of my favourite sites for downloading themes.
MP3.COM - The best repository for all legal MP3 stuff.
B3ta - Makes me laugh every time I visit the site.
Freegraphics - For loads of free web graphics.
ICQ - A very nifty online chat program. A great way to stay in touch with your friends.
Cerulean Studios - do a great program called Trillian, which lets you check ICQ, Messenger, etc. with just one window. Brilliant.

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